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X Exchange, Execute, Extended, X Window System
X11 X Window System Version 11
X11R7 X Window System Version 11 Release 7
X3D Extended Three Dimensions (Web)
X3DExtensible 3D (VRML-Nachfolger)
XA Extended Architecture/Attribute
XAA XFree86 Acceleration Architecture
XAFS X-ray Absorption Fine Structure
XAMLeXtensible Application Markup Language
XAMPP Cross Platform Apache, MySQL, Perl, PHP
XAMPPExtended Apache/MySQL/PHP/Perl
XAPIA X.400-API Association
XAUI 10 Gigabit Attachment Unit Interface
XBAC Experience Based Admission Control
XBAP XAML Browser Application
XBEL XML Bookmark Exchange Language
XBL Exploits Block List
XBL Extensible Binding Language
XBM X Window System Black-and-white Bitmap (file)
XBMC XBox Media Center
XBRL Extensible Business Reporting Language
XC Cross Connect
XC Extended Configuration
XCBP XML Common Biometric Format
XCD Extended Compact Disc
XCF Cross System Coupling Facility (IBM)
XCF Experimental Computing Facility
XCF Extended Communication Facility
XCHG Exchange
XCHS Extended Cylinders, Heads, Sectors
XCMD Extended Mode Command (Apple)
XCMD External Command
XCP Extended Copy Protection (Sony)
XD Execute Disable
XD xD: Extreme Digital (card)
XDCS X/Open Distributed Computing Services
XDF Extended Density Format (IBM)
XDLE Transparent Data Link Escape
XDM X11 Display Manager
XDMCP X11 Display Manager Control Protocol
XDP XML Data Package
XDR External/Extended Data Representation
XDS X/Open Directory Service
XE Execution Environment (Cisco)
XE Extended Edition
XED XML Enabled Directory
XETB Transparent End of Transmission Block
XETX Transparent End of Text
XEWA XML-Enabled Wide Area Search in Bioinformatics
XFA Extended File Attribute
XFA XML Forms Architecture
XFBML Extended Facebook Markup Lauguage
XFCN External Function
XFDF XML Forms Data Format
XFDL Extensible Forms Description Language
XFI X-Fi: Xtreme Fidelity (Creative Technology)
XFLD Xfce Live Demo
XFN X/Open Federated Naming Service
XFS Extensions for Financial Services
XFS SGI Extended File System
XFS X11 Extended File System
XFS X11 Font Server
XG Extended General MIDI
XGAExtended Graphics Array
xHCIExtensible Host Controller Interface
XHCI Extended Host Controller Interface
XHD Extreme High Definition
XHR XML HTTP Request (object)
XHTMLExtensible Hypertext Markup Language
XIExchange Infrastructure (Seit SAP NetWeaver 7.0: PI – Process Integration)
XID Exchange Identifier/Identification
XIE X11 Image/Imaging Extension (Standard)
XIE-DIS XIE Document Imaging Subset
XILPXILP: Internet Links People
XIM X11 Input Method
XIO Extended Input Output
XITB Transparent Intermediate Block
XKB X11 Keyboard Extension
XL Excel (Microsoft)
XL Extra/Extremely Large/Low
XLATE Translate
XLF Exceptional Fortran (IBM)
XLFD X11 Logical Font Description/Descriptor
XLIFF XML Localization Interchange File Format
XLINK Extended Local Informatik Netz Karlsruhe
XLL Extensible Link/Linking Language
XLL XLink and XPointer Languages
XLM Excel Macro Language (Microsoft)
XLR External, Line/Live, Return (cable)
XLR Extra Long Run
XLR Extra Low Resistance
XLR Ground, Left, Right (cable)
XLS Excel Spreadsheet
XLS XML for Location Services
XMF Extensible Music Format (MIDI)
XMF XML Mapping Format
XMI XTendbus Multibus Interface
XMIT Transmit
XMLExtensible Markup Language
XML-RPCExtensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Call
XMMExtended Memory Manager
XMP Extensible Metadata Platform (Adobe)
XMP X/Open Management Protocol
XMPPExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
XMSExtended Memory Specification
XMSFExtensible Modeling and Simulation Framework
XMSN Transmission
XMT Transmit
XMTR Transmitter
XNA Cross-Section Next-Generation Architecture (Microsoft)
XNA Xerox Network Architecture
XNS Xerox Network Standard/System
XNSXerox Network Services
XO Crystal Oscillator
XO Hug and Kiss (Slang)
XOFF Exchange/Transmitter Off
XOGXML Open Gateway
XOM X/Open Management
XON Exchange/Transmitter On
XOR Exclusive Or (EOR)
XORP Extensible Open Router Platform
XOS Experimental Operating System
XOT X.25 Over TCP/IP
XOX Hugs and Kisses (Slang)
XP Cross Point
XP Extended Profile
XP Extreme Programming
XPATH XML Path Language
XPC X11 Performance Characterization Group
XPEL X11 Protocol Engine Library
XPFE Cross Platform Front End
XPG X/Open Portability Guide
XPLA Extended Programmable Logic Array
XPM X Window System Pixelmap (file)
XPR External Data Representation
XPS XML Paper Specification
XPT External Page Table
XPVM Executable Parallel Virtual Machine
XQL XML Query Language
XR Index Register
XRC Extended Remote Copy
XREF Cross Reference List
XrMLExtensible rights Markup Language
XSC Extended Scientific Calculation
XSD Xenix Shared Data
XSD XML Schema Description/Document
XSDXML Schema Definition
XSDT Extended System Description Table
XSI X/Open Systenm Interface Specification
XSL Extensible Style(sheet) Language
XSLExtensible Stylesheet Language
XSL-FOExtensible Stylesheet Language – Formatting Objects
XSLFO Extensible Style(sheet) Language Formatting Object
XSLT Extensible Style(sheet) Language Transformation
XSLTXSL Transformation
XSMD Extended Storage Module Drive
XSMP X11 Session Manager Protocol
XSRF Cross Site Request Forgery
XSS Cross-Site Scripting
XSSI Extended Server Side Includes
XSSO X/Open Single Sign-On (Service)
XSTX Transparent Start of Text
XSYN Transparent Synchronous Idle
XT Crosstalk
XTExtended Technology
XTAL Crystal
XTCLK External Transmit Clock
XTI X/Open Transport (Layer) Interface
XTM Extensible Threat Management
XTP XPress Transfer Protocol
XTTD Transparent Temporary Text Delay
XUI X11 User Interface
XUL Extensible/XML-Based User Interface Language
XUMA Expertensystem Umweltgefaehrlichkeit von Altlasten
XVE X11 Visual Extensions
XVI XTendbus VMEbus Interface
XVS X/Open System V Specification
XVT Extensible Virtual Toolkit
XWD X11 Window Dump
XWS X Window System, X11
YAHOOYet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

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