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T Taktleitung
T Telecomm, Telephone, Terminal, Text, Time
T Transmit Data
T2 Telecommunication 2 (link)
TA Traffic Announcement
TA Transmitter Address
TATerminal Adaptor
TA Terminaladapter, Informationstechnische Anschlussdose
TAB Tabulator
TAB Technical Advisory Board
TABD Transatlantic Business Dialogue
TABYAS Thinking All But You Are Stupid (Slang)
TAC Terminal Access Control/Controller
TAC Transparent Audio Coding
TAC Type Approval Code
TACACS Terminal Access Controller Access Control System
TACC Texas Advanced Computing Center, USA
TACS Total Access Communications
TAD Telephone Answering Device
TADA Timestamp-interval Adjustment by Data Access
TADS Text Adventure Development System
TAE Telekommunikations-Anschluss-Einheit
TAETransportable Applications Environment
TAFN That's All For Now (Slang)
TAG Technology Advisors Group
TAG Text And Graphics
TAG Tiny Aggregation
TAGC Tag Close Delimiter
TAI Temps Atomique International
TAL Teilnehmeranschlussleitung (Telefon)
TAL Template Attribute Language
TALES Template Attribute Language Expression Syntax
TAM Telefon, Anrufbeantworter, Modem
TAM Telephone Answering Machine
TAMP Threshold And Merge Prefixes
TAN Total Area Network
TAN Transaction Number
TANJ There Ain't No Justice (Slang)
TANSTAAFL There Ain't No Such Things As A Free Lunch (Slang)
TANSTAANFS There Ain't No Such Things As A Noise Free System (Slang)
TAO Telephony Application Object
TAO Track At Once
TAO Traduction Assistee par Ordinateur
TAOCP The Art Of Computer Programming (D. Knuth)
TAP Telcom Advantage Packaging
TAP Telecator Alphanumeric Protocol
TAP Terminal Access Point
TAP Test Access Port
TAPTechnological Assistance Program
TAPITelephony Applications Program Interface
TAPR Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Group
TARTape Archiv
TARFU Things Are Really Fouled Up (Slang)
TAS Telephone Answering Service
TAS Total Analysis System
TASI Time-Assignment Speech Interpolation
TAU Test Access Unit
TAV Test, Analyse, Verifikation (von Software)
TAXI Transparent Asynchronous Transceiver Interface
TBA To Be Advised/Announced
TBB Threading Building Blocks (Intel)
TBC Time Base Corrector
TBCP Tagged Binary Control Protocol (Adobe)
TBD Task-Based Development (of Software)
TBD Technical Background/Basis Document
TBD Timezone Boundary Data
TBD To Be Defined/Deleted/Detailed/Determined/Discussed/Done
TBD Training By Design
TBDTo Be Determined
TBETSI Technischer Beirat fuer Normungsfragen des ETSI
TBF Technisch betriebliche Funktionsbedingungen
TBF Token Bucket Filter
TBH To Be Honest (Slang)
TBL Technik fuer Betriebslenkung
TBL Tim Berners-Lee
TBO Total Benefits of Ownership
TbpsTerabits per Second
TBRPF Topology dissemination Based on Reverse Path Forwarding
TBS Tape Backup System
TBS Telecom Billing System
TBS Telecom Bus Serializer
TBS Terabit Burst Switching
TBS Time-Based Sampling
TBS Tiny But Strong (PHP)
TBS To Be Specified
TBS Tool Box Solution
TBS Touchless Biometric System
TBS Transmit Silence Bit
TBS Transparent Burst Switching
TBS Turner Broadcast System
TBT Thunderbolt Technology
TBT Truncated Binary Tree
TBTT Target Beacon Transmission Time
TBW Terabytes Written
TC Technical Committee/Corrigendum
TC Telecine (auch/also TK)
TC Time Code
TC Transform Coding
TC Transmission Control/Convergence
TC Treatment Code
TC Trust Center
TCTurbo Cache
TCA Telecommunications Carrier Association
TCA Tightly Coupled Architecture
TCA Traffic Conditioning Agreement
TCAM Telecommunications Conformity Assessment and Market (Surveillance Committee)
TCAM Ternary Content Addressable Memory
TCAM Timer Counter Access Module
TCAM Tivoli Composite Application Manager
TCAM Traffic Control And Monitoring
TCAMTelecommunications Access Method
TCAP Transaction Capability Application Part
TCB Trouble Came Back
TCB Trusted Computer/Computing Base
TCCC IEEE Technical Committee on Computer Communications
TCE Transmission Control Element
TCF Transparent Computing Facility
TCFS Transparent Cryptographic File System
TCG Trusted Computing Group
TCGTeleport Communications Group
TCH Traffic Channel
TCI Tag Control Information
TCIF Telecommunications Industry Forum, USA
TCK Technology Compatibility Kit
TclTool command language
TCLTAE Command Language
TCLSH Tool Command Language Shell
TCM Terminal Controller Module
TCM Time Compression Multiplexing
TCM Trellis Code Modulation
TCMTrellis Coded Modulation
TCMP Tightly Coupled Multiprocessor System
TCNG Traffic Control Next Generation
TCNS Thomas Conrad Networking System
TCOTotal Cost of Ownership
TCO Tjaenstemaennens Centralorganisation (Schweden)
TCOS IEEE Technical Committee on Operating Systems
TCP Tape Carrier Package
TCP Telephony Control Protocol (Bluetooth)
TCP TeX Code Page
TCP Trusted Computing Platform
TCPTape Carrier Packaging
TCPTransmission Control Protocol
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCPATrusted Computing Platform Alliance
TCPA Time of Closest Point of Approach
TCPA Trusted Computing Platform Architecture
TCPIP TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (Internet)
TCQ Tagged Command Queuing
TCQAMTrellis Coded Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
TCR Telephone Conversation Record
TCS Telephony Control Specification
TCS Terminating Call Screening
TCS Thin Client Services
TCSB Traffic Control State Block
TCSEC Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (Orange Book)
TCSH Tenex X Shell
TCT The Coroner's Toolkit
TCU Transmission Control Unit
TCW Tagged Control Word
TD Transmit Data
TDTable Data
TDA Tactile Digital Assistant
TDA Telediffusion d'Algerie
TDA Temporal Data Authority
TDA Terminal Data Adapter
TDA To Do Archive
TDA Tracking and Data Acquisition
TDA Traffic Data Acquisition
TDA Transition Data Analysis
TDA Transmitted/Transported Data
TDA Tunnel Diode Amplifier
TDAB T-DAB: Terrestrial Digital Audio Broadcasting
TDAC Time Domain Aliasing Cancellation
TDB Trivial Data Base
TDC Transparent/Tranportation Data Channel
TDCC Transportation Data Coordinating Committee
TDD Telecommunication Device for the Deaf
TDD Time Division Duplex
TDDSG Teledienstedatenschutzgesetz
TDDSGDVO Teledienstedatenschutzgesetzdurchfuehrungsverordnung
TDE Telescript Development Environment
TDES Triple Data Encryption Standard
TDF Telediffusion de France
TDF Telemetry/Tracking Data Formatter
TDF The Document Foundation (LibreOffice)
TDF Time Division/Domain Filtering
TDF Title/Trace/Typeface Definition File/Format
TDF Transaction Data File
TDF Transborder/Transnational Data Flow
TDF Transformada De Fourier
TDG Telekommunikations-Dienst-Gesetz, Teledienstegesetz
TDHS Time Domain Harmonic Scaling
TDI Transport Driver Interface
TDL Trusted Devices List
TDM Time Division Multiplexer/Multiplexing
TDMTime-Division Multiplexing
TDMA Time Division Multiplex Access
TDMATime Division Multiple Access
TDMF Transparent Data Migration Facility
TDPThermal Design Power
TDP Tag Distribution Protocol
TDP Thermal/Typical Design Power
TDR Time Domain Reflectometer
TDRTime Domain Reflectometry
TDRS Tracking and Data Relay Satellite
TDS TeX Directory Structure
TDSR Transmitter Data Service Request
TDSV Telekommmunikations-Datenschutz-Verordnung
TDT Terrestrial Dynamic Time
TDU Topology Database Update
TDX Time Domain Crosstalk
TE Terminal Equipment
TE Traffic Engineering
TE Type Enforcement
TEA Tiny Encryption Algorithm
TEB Thread Environment Block
TEC Total Electron Content
TECO Tape/Text Editor and Corrector
TED Telefonischer Ermittlungsdienst
TEDSTransducer Electronic Data Sheet
TEE Trusted Execution Environment
TEGFET Two-dimensional Electron Gas Field Effect Transistor
TEHO Tail End Hop Off
TEI Terminal Endpoint Identifier (ISDN)
TEI Text Encoding and Interchange
TEI Text Encoding Initiative
TEI Transport Error Indicator
TEL Trans Europe Line
TELEX Telegraph Exchange (Fernschreiben)
TELNET Telecommunications Network
TelOpTeleconference Operator
TEMEX Telemetry Exchange
TEMPE Telecommunications and Enterprise Multimedia Platform Environment
TEMPESTTransient Electromagnetic Emanations Standard
TEN Trans European Network
TENEX TEN Extended (PDP-10)
TEP Transequatorial Propagation
TER Terminal Interface
TES Teknisk signalspaning, Schweden
TESTA Trans-European Services for Telematics between Administations
TET Test Environment Toolkit
TETRA Trans European/Terrestrial Trunked Radio (System)
TEXEL Texture Element
TF Task Force
TF Term Frequency
TF Theoriefindung (Wikipedia)
TF Traegerfrequenz
TFA Traegerfrequenzanlage
TFA Transparent File Access
TFB Terminal Framing Bit/Bits
TFB Thin Film Battery
TFB Time Frequency Bus
TFC Thermal Fly-height Control
TFC Traffic Channel
TFD Thin Film Diode
TFDD Text File Device Driver
TFE Tuerfreisprecheinrichtung
TFEL Thin Film Electroluminescent
TFH Text File/Files from Hell (Slang)
TFH Thanks For Helping (Slang)
TFH Thin Film Head
TFM TeX Font Metric
TFN Tribe Flood Network
TFS Translucent File System (Sun)
TFTThin Film Transistor
TFTPTrivial File Transfer Protocol
TFTS Terrestrial Flight Telephone System
TFTT Thanks For The Thought (Slang)
TFX Thin Form Factor Extended
TGTechnical Guide
TG Target
TG Transmission Group
TGAL Think Globally, Act Locally (Slang)
TGB Tres Grande Bibliotheque
TGIDTrunk Group Identification Number
TGIF Thank God It's Friday (Slang)
TGM Timetable Generation Module
TGN Thesaurus of Geographic Names
TGN Transmission Group Number
TGS Ticket Granting Server/Service
TGT Ticket Granting Ticket
THTable Header
TH Transmission Header
TH Trouble History
THDTotal Harmonic Disortion
THD Technische Hochschule Darmstadt (jetzt TUD), Deutschland
THENETTexas Higher Education Network
THP Tomlinson Harashima Precoder/Precoding
THT Through Hole Technology
THT Token Hold/Holding Time/Timer
THWLAIAS The Hour Was Late, And I Am Senile (Slang)
THX Tomlinson Holman's Experiment
THX Thanks (Slang)
TI Tele Immersion
TI Texas Instruments Inc.
TI Transaction Identifier
TIA Telecommunications Industries Association
TIA Thanks In Advance (Slang)
TIA Total Information Awareness
TIA Totally Integrated Automation
TIAThe Internet Adapter
TIAM Terminal Interactive Access Method
TIB Tag Information Base
TIB Technische Informationsbibliothek, Hannover
TIC Token Ring Interface Coupler
TIC Tongue In Cheek (Slang)
TICToken-Ring Interface Coupler
TICF Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
TID Target Identifier
TIDSV Telekommunikations- und Informationsdienstunternehmen-Datenschutzverordnung
TIE Time Interval Error
TIES Telecom Information Exchange Services, Genf
TIES Time-Independent Escape Sequence
TIF Tag Image Format
TIF Technik- und Informationsforum (VPRT)
TIFF Tag/Tagged Image File Format
TIFFTagged Image File Format
TIG Terminal Internet Gateway
TIGATexas Instruments Graphics Architecture
TIL Technical Information Library
TIM Thermal Interface Material
TIM Traffic Indication Map/Message
TINA There Is No Alternative (Slang)
TINAR This Is Not A Recommendation/Review (Slang)
TINC There Is No Cabal (Slang)
TINS This Is No Shit (Slang)
TINSTAAFL There Is No Such Things As A Free Lunch (Slang)
TINWIS That Is Not What I Said (Slang)
TIP Technology Integration Program
TIP Terminal Interface Processor
TIP Terminal Internet Protocol
TIP Transputer Image Processing
TIPTerminal IMP
TIPC Telecommunications Information Privacy Code
TIPC Total Information Processing
TIPC Transparent Inter Process Communication
TIPC Transputer Image Processing
TIPCTransparente Inter-Process Communication
TIPHON Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonization over Networks
TIRPC Transport Independent Remote Procedure Call
TISE Take It Somewhere Else (Slang)
TISPAN Telecoms & Internet converged Services & Protocols for Advanced Networks
TK Tabellenkalkulation, Telekommunikation
TKG Telekommunikationsgesetz
TKIPTemporal Key Integrity Protocol
TKO Telekommunikationsordnung
TKP Telekommunikationspool
TKUe Telekommunikationsueberwachung
TKUeV Telekommunikationsueberwachungsverordnung
TKV Telekommunikations-Kundenschutzverordnung
TKZULV Telekommunikationszulassungsverordnung
TL Transport Layer
TLA Temporal Logic of Actions
TLA Top Level Aggregator
TLAThree Letter Acronym
TLAB Translation Look Aside Buffer
TLAP Token Talk Link Access Protocol
TLBTranslation Lookaside Buffer
TLC Target Language Compiler
TLDTag Library Descriptor
TLDTop Level Domain
TLDP The Linux Documentation Project
TLER Time Limited Error Recovery
TLGE The Little Golem Editor
TLH Top Level Hierarchy
TLI Transport/Transfer Layer/Library Interface
TLK Trusted Linux Kernel
TLM Telemetry (word)
TLMTransaction Level Modelling
TLN Telephone/Transfer Line Number
TLN Terminal Location Number
TLN The Learning/Library/Local Network
TLN Too Late Now (Slang)
TLN Transnational Learning Network
TLN Trunk Line Network
TLNKG Teilnehmerkennung (NUI)
TLQ Top Letter Quality
TLS Thread Local Storage
TLS Three Level Scheduling
TLSTransport Layer Security
TLT Teaching, Learning, and Technology
TLT Temporal Logic of Transitions
TLU Table Lookup
TLV Tag, Length, Value
TM Tape/Trade Mark
TM Terminal Multiplexer
TM Test Mode
TM Traffic Management
TM Transaction Monitor
TM Translation Memory
TM Turing Machine
TMTransactional Memory
TMA Telecom Management
TMA Telecommunication Managers' Association
TMA Telekom Malaysia
TMA Thinfilm Micromirror Array
TMA Timeseries Moving Average
TMA Tivoli Management Agent
TMA Trusted Mail Agent
TMAC Telex Multimedia Audio Communication
TMAC Tool Monitor Adaptive Control
TMC Traffic Message Channel
TMD Time Division Multiplexing
TMDS Transition Minimized Differential Signal
TME Tetra Meldeempfaenger
TME Tivoli Management Environment
TMG Telemediengesetz
TMM Testing Maturity Model
TMN Telecom Managed Network
TMN Telecommunications Management Network
TMNTime Management Network
TMNR Too Much Noise Reduction
TMO Thermal Magnetic Optical
TMP Template Metaprogramming
TMP Temporary
TMR Triple Modular Redundancy
TMR Tunnel/Tunneling Magnetoresistance
TMRC Tech Model Railroad Club
TMS Translation Memory System
TMS Truth Maintenance System
TMSI Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity
TMSL Test and Measurement Systems Language
TMTO Time Memory Trade Off
TMTOWTDI There's More Than One Way To Do It (Slang)
TMX Translation Memory Exchange (LISA)
TMX Transparent Matrix (switch)
TN TelNet
TN Twisted Nematic (panel)
TNA Temex-Netzabschluss
TNB Teilnehmernetzbetreiber
TNB Telekommunikationsnetz-Betreiber
TNC Terminal Node Controller
TND (Directie) Toezicht Netwerken en Diensten (NL)
TNEF Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
TNFEM Twisted Nematic Field Effective Material
TNHD The New Hackers's Dictionary
TNN Transport Network Node
TNPC Taiwan New PC Consortium
TNPP Telocator Network Paging Protocol
TNS Temporal Noise Shaping
TNS Transparent Network Substrate
TNV Total Network Visibility
TNX Thanks (Slang)
TO Timeout
TOA Type Of Address
TOC Table Of Content/Contents
TOD Time Of Day
TODO (kein Akronym, to do = noch zu erledigen)
TOE TCP/IP Offload Engine
TOEIC Test of English for International Communication
TOF Task Oriented Forms
TOF Top of Form
TOFU Text Oben, Fullquote Unten (Slang)
TOG (ACM) Transactions On Graphics
TOG The Open Group
TOI T-Online International AG
TOJ Tears Of Joy (Slang)
TOL T-Online
TOM T-Online Messenger
TOP Table Of Pages
TOPTechnical & Office Protocol
TOPFET Temperature and Overload Protected FET
TOR Telex Over Radio
TOR The Onion Router
TOSThe Operating System oder Tramiel Operating System (Betriebssystem der Atari-Computer)
TOS Tape Operating System
TOS The/Tramiel's Operating System
TOS Top Of Stack
TOS Type Of Service
TOUR Transport Optional Upgrade Release
TP Technology Preview
TP Tiefpass
TP Traffic Program
TP Transaction Processing
TP Transport Protocol
TPTwisted Pair
TP-4Transport Protocol 4
TP0 Transport Protocol Class 0 (OSI)
TP4 Transport Protocol Class 4 (OSI)
TPA Transient Program Area
TPAThird Party Application
TPCTransmitter Power Control oder Transaction Processing Performance Council
TPC Teleprocessing Center
TPC Test Port Card
TPC Third Party Certificate
TPC Total Project Cost
TPC Touch Panel Controller
TPC Traffic Parameter Control
TPC Transaction Processing Performance Council
TPC Transactions on Professional Communication (IEEE)
TPC Transmit/Transmitter Power Control
TPC Turbo Pascal Compiler (Borland)
TPCB TPC-B: Transaction Processing Performance Council Benchmark B
TPCC Third Party Call Control
TPCC TPC-C: Transaction Processing Performance Council Benchmark C
TPCH TPC-H: Transaction Processing Performance Council Benchmark for Ad-hoc queries
TPCR TotalStorage Productivity Center for Replication (IBM)
TPCR TPC-R: Transaction Processing Performance Council Benchmark for Reporting
TPDThird Party Developer
TPDDI Twisted Pair Distributed Data Interface
TPDU Transport Protocol Data Unit
TPEP Trusted Product Evaluation Program
TPF The Perl Foundation
TPF Transmission Priority Field
TPH Transport Packet Header
TPI Tag Protocol Identifier
TPITracks Per Inch
TPL Tested Product List
TPMTrusted Platform Module
TPM Tape Processing Machine (IBM)
TPM Technological Protection Measures
TPM Terrible/Trusted Platform Module
TPM Third Party Maintenance
TPM Total/Traditional Power Management
TPM Transaction Processing Monitor
TPM Transactions Per Minute
TPM Transmission Path Monitor
TPM Transparent Prolog Machine
TPM Trusted Platform Model
TPM Two Procedures Modem
TPMC Transactions Per Minute, Type C
TPoXTransaction Processing over XML
TPPDTwisted Pair - Physical-Media Dependent
TPS Third Person Shooter
TPS Transaction Processing System
TPS Transactions Per Second
TPSE Transaction Processing Service Element
TPSN Timing-Sync Protocol for Sensor Networks
TPTB The Powers That Be (Slang)
TPU Text Processing Utility
TPU Transparency Unit
TQFP Thin Quad Flat Package
TQM Total Quality Management
TR Task Register
TR Technical Report/Technische Richtlinie
TR Terminal Ready
TR Token Ring
TR Travan Cartridge
TR Trunk Reservation
TRTable Row
TRA Technology Related Anxiety
TRA Telecommunications Research Associates
TRAC Telecommunications Recommendations Application Committee
TRAC Traceable Authentic Content (Philips)
TRADFS Traditional Filesystem
TRANQL Transformation Query Language
TRAU Transcoder and Rate Adaption Unit
TRAX Transformation Application Programming Interface for XML
TRC Tone Reproduction Curve
TRCVR Transmitter-Receiver, Transceiver
TRDMC Tears Running Down My Cheeks (Slang)
TRE Telecommunications Research Establishment, Malvern, England
TREAT Trouble Report Evaluation and Analysis Tool
TREC Text Retrieval Conference
TRIE (kein/not an acronym/ Praefix-Baum)
TRIL Token Ring Interoperability Lab
TRIP Telephony Routing over IP
TRIPS Tera-op, Reliable, Intelligently adaptive Processing System
TRIPS Trade-related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
TRIZ Teorija Reschenija Isobretatelskich Zadatsch
TRMPWR Terminator Power (Leitung, SCSI)
TRNG True Random Number Generator
TROLI Token Ring Optimized Link Interface
TRON The Realtime Operating System Nucleus
TRPCTransaction Remote Procedure Call
TRSTandy Radio Shack
TRT Token Ring Terminal
TRT Token Ring/Rotation Time/Timer
TRX Transmitter-Receiver, Transceiver
TSTimeserver oder Terminal Server oder TeamSpeak
TS Telesync
TS Time Signal (Zeitzeichen)
TS Timestamp (Zeitstempel)
TS Transport Station, Telekom Service
TSA Target Service Agent
TSA Technical Support Alliance, Test Signal Analyser
TSAP Transport Service Access Point (OSI)
TSAPI Telephony Server/Service Application Programming Interface
TSAPITelephony Services Applications Program Interface
TSB Technical Service Bulletin
TSC TKIP Sequence Counter
TSC Transport Scrambling Control
TSCTime Stamp Counter
TSCC Technical Standards and Common Criteria
TSCC Technical Support Call/Contact Center
TSCC Techsmith Screen Capture Codec
TSCC Terminal Server Connection Configuration
TSCC Time Slot Control Channel
TSE Text Setup Environment
TSF Timing Synchronization Function
TSIG Transaction Signature(s)
TSK Task
TSK The Sleuth Kit (Software)
TSK Touch Sensitive Keyboard
TSK Traffic Security Key
TSK Transient Session Key
TSM Terminal Server Manager (DEC)
TSM Tivoli Storage Manager
TSO TCP Segmentation Offload
TSOTime Sharing Option
TSO/ETime Sharing Option/Extensions
TSOHF Total Sense Of Humour Failure (Slang)
TSOP Thin Small Outline Package
TSP Texture and Shading Processor
TSP Time-Stamp Protocol
TSP Travelling Salesman Problem
TSPTraveling Salesman Problem
TSPI Telephony Service Provider Interface
TSPSTraffic Service Position System
TSRTerminate - Stay Resident
TSS Task State Segment
TSS TCP Support for Sensor Networks
TSS Telecommunications Standardisation/Standards Sector (ITU)
TSS Temex-Schnittstelle
TSS Time Sharing System
TSSDC Task State Segment Descriptor Cache
TST Transmit Start Threshold
TSTN Triple Supertwisted Nematic
TSUTime Sharing User
TSW Tele-Software
TSWTCM Time Sliding Window Three Colour Marker
TT Terminal Timing
TT Tracing Thread
TT Trunk Type
TTA The True Audio (codec)
TTA Time To Alarm/Answer
TTA Time/Transport Triggered Architecture
TTA Transmission Temporelle Asynchrone
TTA Tree-Trellis Algorithm
TTAP Trust Technology Assessment Program
TTBOMK To The Best Of My Knowledge (Slang)
TTCAN Time Triggered Communications Area Network
TTCN Testing and Test Control Notation
TTF Timetable File
TTFTrueType Font
TTFF Time To First Fix (GPS)
TTFN Ta Ta For Now (Slang)
TTI Teaching, Training, and Information
TTLTime To Live
TTLTransistor-to-Transistor Logic
TTLS Tunneled Transport Layer Security
TTML Tagged Text Markup Language
TTO Tactical Technology Office
TTP Time Triggered Protocol
TTP Timed Token Protocol
TTP Trusted Third Party
TTRT Target Token Rotation Time/Timer
TTSTransaction Tracking System
TTS Text To Speech
TTSL Tieftemperatur-Supraleiter
TTSL Trying To Suppress Laughter (Slang)
TTTTrunk-to-Trunk Transfer
TTT Teleteaching and Training
TTT That's The Truth (Slang)
TTTN Tandem Tie Trunk Network
TTU Teletex-Telex-Umsetzer
TTUL Talk To You Later (Slang)
TTW Through The Web
TTX Teletex
TTX Videotext
TTXAU Teletex Access Unit
TTYL Type/Talk To You Later (Slang)
TU Tributary Unit
TUBA TCP and UDP with Big/Bigger Addresses
TUD Technische Universitaet Darmstadt (ehemals THD), Deutschland
TUE Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, NL
TUE Transmit Underrun Register Empty
TUE Trusted User Engine
TUEB Temex-Uebertragungsbaugruppe
TUG TeX User Group
TUG Tributary Unit Group
TUHS The UNIX Heritage Society
TUI Tangible/Telephone/Text/Touch User Interface
TULIP TCP and UDP over Lightweight IP
TUP Telephone User Port
TUSTEP Tuebinger System von Textverarbeitungsprogrammen
TVA Technical Vulnerability Assessment
TVA Telefon-Vermittlungs-Anlage
TVA Telephone VoIP Adapter
TVA Television Aerial/Authority
TVA Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
TVA TV Anytime
TVA TV Anytime Forum
TVC Transient Virtual Channel
TVI Television Interference
TVOIP TVoIP: Television Over Internet Protocol
TVOL TV Online Cable Service
TVR Temex-Vermittlungsrechner
TVROTelevision - Receive Only
TVS Transient Voltage Suppression/Suppressor
TVST TVSt: Teilnehmervermittlungsstelle
TVX Valid Transmission Time/Timer
TWAINTechnology Without An Interesting Name
TWAINToolkit Without An Interesting Name
TWITwo-wire Interface
TWINKLE The Weizman Institute Key Locating Engine
TWIRP Two Way Infrared Protocol
TWIU That's What I Understand/Understood (Slang)
TWSC Team World Service Center
TWTATraveling Wave Tube Amplifier
TWX Teletypewriter Exchange Service
TWX Twinax (Cable)
TX Telex (Fernschreiben)
TX transmit, Transmitter
TXC Transmit Clock
TXD Transmitted Data
TXD Transmitter Delay
TXF Tax Exchange Format
TXF Transactional (New Technology) File System
TXT Trusted Execution Technology
TYCLO Turn Your Caps Lock Off (Slang)
TYVM Thank You Very Much (Slang)

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