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I Ident, Indicator, Information, Integrated, Interference, International, Internet
I10N (see L10N)
I14H (not an acronym, see ECMA-267)
I18N Internationalization
I2CInter-Integrated Circuit
I2O Intelligent Input/Output
I3 IMA Interoperability Initiative
I4DL Interface, Inheritance, Implementation, Installation Definition Language
IAIntel Architecture
IA Identification & Authentication, I&A
IA Information Appliance
IA Intelligent Applications
IA International Alphabet
IA Interworking Implementation Agreement
IA5Internationales Alphabet Nr. 5
IA64 IA-64: Intel Architecture - 64 bits (Intel Itanium)
IAA Intel Application Accelerator
IAAS Institut fuer Angewandte Analysis und Stochastik, Berlin
IABInternet Activities Board
IAB Individual Address Block
IAB International Academy of Broadcasting
IAB Internet Architecture Board
IAB Internet Advertising Bureau, UK
IAC In Any Case (Slang)
IAC Inquiry Access Code
IAC Interapplication Communication (Apple)
IAC Issuing Agency
IACK Information Acknowledgement
IACR International Association for Cryptologic Research
IADIntegrated Access Device
IAD Internet Addiction Disorder
IAE In Any Event (Slang)
IAE ISDN Anschalteinheit/Anschlusseinheit
IAEL International Association of Entertainment Lawyers
IAFA Internet Anonymous FTP Archive
IAFIS Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (FBI)
IAG Industry Advisory Group (Novell)
IAHC Internet International Ad Hoc Committee
IAI Internet Applications Integration
IAIS (Fraunhofer-Institut fuer) Intelligente Analyse- und Informationssysteme, Sankt Augustin
IAL Intel Architecture Labs
IAL International Algebraic Language (ALGOL)
IAM Institute of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Bern
IAMCE ISDN Access Module Control Element
IAMT Intel Advanced Management Technology
IAN Integrated Access Node
IANAInternet Assigned Numbers Authority
IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer (Slang)
IAOG International Administrative Management Domains Operators Group
IAONA Industrial Automation Open Networking Alliance
IAP Internet Access Policy/Provider
IAP ISDN Access Internetworking Profile
IAPC Information Assurance Protection Center, USA
IAPC Instantly Available Personal Computer (Intel)
IAR Institut fuer Automation und Robotik
IARP International Amateur Radio Permission
IARP Inverse Address Resolution Protocol
IARU International Amateur Radio Union
IAS Information Access System
IAS Internet Authentication Service
IASG Internet Addiction Support Group
IASIG Interactive Audio Special Interest Group (MIDI)
IASNET Institute for Automated Systems Network
IASS Internet Alphaserver System Software
IAT Import Address Table
IATE Inter Active Terminology for Europe
IAUG International AIX Users Group
IAX Image Application Executive (IBM)
IAX Inter-Asterisk Exchange Protocol (IAX, IAX2)
IB In Betrieb
IB Intelligent Backtracking
IB Interference Blocking
IBA Independent Broadcasting Authority, UK
IBA Intel Boot Agent
IBAC In Band Adjacent Channel
IBAN International Bank Account Number
IBC Illinois Benedictine College (Gutenberg-Projekt)
IBC Inadequate But Cute (Slang)
IBC Inter Base Component
IBC International Broadcasting Convention
IBCN Integrated Broadband Communication Network
IBCS1 Intel Binary Compatibility Specification Edition 1
IBDWT Irrational Based Discrete Weighted Transform
IBFD Interessengemeinschaft Blinder Funkamateure Deutschlands
IBFT iBFT: iSCSI Boot Firmware Table
IBIA International Biometric Industry Association
IBL Input Buffer Limit
IBMInternational Business Machines
IBN International Booking Network
IBO Inter Base Object
IBOC In Band On Channel
IBOND Intelligent Business On Demand
IBP Institut Blaise Pascal, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, France
IBS Integriertes Banken-System
IBSIntelSat Business Service
IBSS Independent Basic Service Set
IBT Internet Based Training
IBTD I Beg To Differ (Slang)
IBU Informationsverbund Buchhandel
IBX Individualized Blackbox Component (Microsoft)
IC I See (Slang)
IC Imperial College, London
IC In Characters (Slang)
IC Incoming Call
IC Independent Carrier
IC Information Centre
IC Input/Integrated Circuit
IC Instruction Cache
IC Intelligence Community
IC Interexchange Carrier
IC Interrupt Controller
ICIntegrated Circuit
ICA Image Component Attribute
ICA Independent Component Analysis
ICA Independent Computing Architecture (Citrix)
ICA Intelligent Channels/Console Architecture
ICA Intelligent Communication Adapter
ICA Interface Connector Assembly
ICA International Council on Archives
ICALP International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming
ICAM Integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing
ICAN Individual Customer Access Network
ICANNInternet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICAP Integrated Computer Aided Production
ICARE International Council for Amateur Radio in Education
ICAS Information Communication Assistance System
ICAS Intel Communicating Applications Specifications
ICB Interface Control Board
ICBM Inter-continental Ballistic Messenger
ICC Integrated Circuit Card
ICC Intelligent Channel Controller
ICC International Conference on Communications
ICCInternational Color Consortium
ICCB Internet Control and Configuration Board
ICCC International Conference on Computer Communications
ICCCM Inter-Client Communications Conventions Manual
ICCE International Conference on Consumer Electronics
ICCHP International Conference on Computers for Handicapped Persons
ICCS Integrated Communications Cabling System (Siemens)
ICD International Code Designator
ICDE International Conference on Data Engineering
ICE Image Correction and Enhancement
ICE In Case of Emergency
ICE In-Circuit Emulator/Emulation
ICE Information Content Exchange
ICE Integrated Communication Environment
ICE Inter Client Exchange (Protocol)
ICE Internal Compiler Error
ICE Internet Communications Engine
ICEIntrusion Countermeasure Electronics
ICF Interact Communication Facility
ICF Internet Connection Firewall
ICG Interface Coordination Group
ICG Inversive Congruential (random number) Generator
ICHI/O Controller Hub
ICI Information Science Institute
ICI Inter/Interexchange Carrier Interface
ICIA International Communications Industries Association
ICIP ICI Protocol
ICL Interface Clear
ICM Image Color Management/Matching
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
ICN Information and Communication Network
ICN Integrated Computing Network
ICO Information Commissioner's Office
ICO Intermediate Circular Orbit
ICOCBW I Could, Of Course, Be Wrong (Slang)
ICP Input Control Procedure
ICP Integrated Channel Processor
ICP Intercom Profile (Bluetooth)
ICP Interconnection Partner
ICP Internet Cache Protocol
ICP Internet Content Provider
ICPC (ACM) International Collegiate Programming Contest
ICQ I Seek You (Slang)
ICR Information Collection Request
ICR Initial Cell Rate
ICRIntelligent Character Recognition
ICRA Internet Content Rating Association
ICRC I-CRC: Invariant Cyclic Redundancy Check/Checking
ICRC Improved Cartridge Recording Capability
ICRC Introduction to Cisco Router Configuration
ICRISIntegrated Customer Record Information System
ICS IBM Cabling System
ICS IEEE Computer Society
ICS Information and Computer Science
ICS Integrated Communication Services
ICS Internet Caching System (Novell)
ICS Internet Chess Server
ICS Internet Connecting/Connection Sharing (Microsoft)
ICS Internet Content Security
ICS Intuitive Command Structure
ICSInternet Connection Sharing
ICSA International Customer Service Association
ICSTIS Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services
ICT Information and Communication Technology
ICT Institute of Computing Technology, Shanghai
ICTF Internet Content Task Force
ICU Instruction Cache Unit
ICU International Components for Unicode
ICU ISA Configuration Utility
ICV Integrity Check Value
ICX Inter Cartridge Exchange
ID Identification Data
ID Identification, Identifier
ID Instruction Decode
ID Internet Draft
ID Intrusion Detection
ID10T Idiot (Slang)
IDA Independent/Intelligent Disk/Drive Array
IDA Interactive Debugging Aid
IDAPI Integrated Database Application Programming Interface
IDB Integrated Database
IDC I Don't Care (Slang)
IDC International Data Corporation
IDC Internet Database Connector
IDC Item Description Code
IDCT Inverse Discrete Cosine Tranform/Transformation
IDD International Direct/Distance Dialling
IDE Integrated Device Electronics
IDE Interactive Design and Engineering
IDE Interface Design Enhancement
IDEIntegrated Drive Electronics
IDEIntegrated Development Environment
IDEA International Data Encryption Algorithm
IDEFIntegrated Definition Methods
IDEMA International Disk drive Equipment and Materials Association
IDF Intermediate Distribution Frame
IDF Inverse Document Frequency
IDFIntel Developer Forum
IDI Initial Domain Identifier
IDI ISDN Driver Interface
IDK Interessengemeinschaft Datenkommunikation
IDL Interactive Data Language
IDL Interface/Internet Definition Language
IDLInterface Definition Language
IDM Identity Management
IDM Improved/Integrated Data Modem
IDM Intelligent Device Management
IDM Internet Download Manager
IDML InDesign Markup Language (Adobe)
IDMS Imaging and Document Management System
IDMSIntegrated Database Management System
IDN Identification Number
IDN Integriertes Datennetz, Integrated Digital Network
IDNInternationalized Domain Name
IDNAInternationalizing Domain Names in Applications
IDP Initial Domain Part
IDP Integrated Data Processing
IDP Internet Datagram Protocol
IDPF International Digital Publishing Forum
IDR Interface Definition Repository
IDR Intergalactic Digital Research
IDR Intermediate Data Rate Service
IDRP Interdomain Routing Protocol
IDS Integrated Data System
IDS Intrusion Detection System
IDSLISDN Digital Subscriber Line
IDST I Didn't Say That (Slang)
IDT Improved Definition Television
IDT Interrupt Descriptor Table
IDTRC Interrupt Descriptor Table Register Cache
IDTS I Don't Think So (Slang)
IDTV Improved Definition Television
IDU Interface Data Unit
IDUG International DB2 Users Group
IDW Identifier Watchdog
IDW Informationsdienst Wissenschaft
IDW International Display Workshop
IDW Investigative Data Warehouse
IDXP Intrusion Detection Exchange Protocol
IE Information Element
IEB Institute of Electronic Business, Berlin
IEC Interexchange Carrier
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IEC International Engineering Consortium
IECC Intercultural E-mail Classroom Connections
IECQ IEC Quality Assessment System for Electrical Components
IED ID Error Detection (code)
IEDIntelligent Electronic Device
IEEEInstitute Of Electronic and Electrical Engineers
IEEE/CS IEEE Computer Society
IEF Information Engineering Facility
IEM Inactive Equipment Maintenance
IEM Information Engineering Methodology
IEM Integral Equation Method
IEM Integrated Electronics Module
IEM Integrated Elevation Model
IEM Integrated Enterprise Modeling
IEM Intelligent Energy Manager (ARM)
IEM Interim Examination and Maintenance
IEM Invalid End of Message
IEMMC Internet Electronic Mail Marketing Council
IEMP Internal Electromagnetic Pulse
IENIntegrated Enterprise Network
IEN Image Enabled Netware
IEN Internet Engineering/Experiment/Experimental Note
IEPRC International Electronic Publishing Research Centre
IES Information Exchange System
IES Integrated Election System
IESGInternet Engineering Steering Group
IET Image Enhancement Technology
IETFInternet Engineering Task Force
IETM Interactive Electronic Technical Manual
IEX Imaging Extensions for XWS
IF Intermediate Frequency, Zwischenfrequenz
IFA Internationale Funkausstellung, Berlin
IFC Industry/Internet Foundation Classes
IFC Integrated Factory Control
IFD Image File Directory
IFD Interface Device
IFE Interactive Front End
IFE Internet Forum Europe
IFFInterchange File Format
IFF Interessengruppe Funkamateure im Fernverkehr
IFF Internet Fast Forward
IFFT Inverse Fast Fourier Transformation
IFG Incoming Fax Gateway
IFG Informationsfreiheitsgesetz
IFG Inter Frame Gap
IFIP International Federation for Information Processing
IFL Integrated Facility for Linux
IFL Internet For Learning
IFMIntelligent Flow Management
IFMP Ipsilon Flow Management Protocol
IFO Industrial Fiber Optics
IFO Information (DVD)
IFO Initialization File Options
IFPI International Federation of the Phonographic Industry
IFRB International Frequency Registration Board
IFRI Institut fuer Rechtsinformatik, Saarbruecken
IFROSS Institut Fuer Rechtsfragen der Freien und Open Source Software, Berlin
IFS Installable File System (OS/2)
IFS Inter Frame Space
IFS Interchange File Separator
IFS Internal Field Separator
IFU Instruction Fetch Unit
IFU Internationale Fernmeldeunion
IFV Internationaler Fernmeldevertrag
IFVV Internationale feste virtuelle Verbindungen
IFW ISDN for Workgroups (Microsoft)
IFWFW ISDN for Windows for Workgroups (Microsoft)
IG Interactive Graphics
IG Interessengemeinschaft, Interest Group
IG Interior Gateway
IGA Integrated Graphics Adaptor/Array
IGBT Insulated/Insulator Gate Bipolar Transistor
IGC Institute for Global/Galactic Communications
IGC Integrated Graphics Controller
IGD (Fraunhofer-)Institut fuer Grafische Datenverarbeitung, Darmstadt
IGE (Eidgenoessisches) Institut fuer geistiges Eigentum, Bern
IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
IGF Internet Governance Forum
IGIS Interactive Graphics Information System
IGITT Interactive Graphics Information Troubleshooting Technology
IGMPInternet Group Management Protocol
IGMPInternet Group Multicast Protocol
IGN IBM Global Net
IGPIntegrated Graphics Processor
IGP Interior Gateway Protocol (Internet)
IGPInernet Gateway Protocol
IGRF International Geomagnetic Reference Field
IGRPInterior Gateway Routing Protocol
IGRP Internet/Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (Cisco)
IGS Interchange Group Separator
IGS Internet Go Server
IGTF Internet Governance Task Force
IH In House
IHEM In-House Energy Management
IHL Internet Header Length
IHS Integrated Heat Spreader
IHTML I-HTML: Interactive mode Hypertext Markup Language
II Image Interpreter
II Information Indicator/Infrastructure/Interoperability/Item
II Installation Instruction(s)
II Interactive Interface
IIC Inter Integrated Circuit (Bus)
IID Interface Identifier
IIDR Institute for Image Data Research, UK
IIDR Internal Implementation Design Review
IIF Image Interchange Facility
III Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan
IIJ Internet Initiative Japan
IIL Integrated Injection Logic
IIM Identified Internet Mail
IIM Information Interchange Model
IIOPInternet Inter-ORB Protocol
IIP ISDN Intermediate Interworking Profile
IIPA International Intellectual Property Alliance, USA
IIPS Irrevocably Interruptible Power Supply
IIR Infinite Impulse Response (filter)
IIRC If I Remember Correctly (Slang)
IISMicrosoft Internet Information Server
IIS Internet Integrated Services
IISInternet Information Services
IISP Interim Inter Signalling/Switch Protocol
IITA Information Infrastructure Technology and Applications
IITF Information Infrastructure Task Force, USA
IITYWYBMAD If I Tell You Will You Buy Me Another Drink? (Slang)
IIWM If It Were Me/Mine (Slang)
IJCAI International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
IJG Independent JPEG Group
IJS Inkjet Server (HP)
IK Installation/Instrumentation Kit
IK Instrument Kernel
IK Interchange Key
IK Inverse Kinematics
IKCAPE IK-CAPE: Industriekooperation Computer Aided Process Engineering
IKEInternet Key Exchange (siehe IPsec)
IKE Internet Key Exchange (Protocol)
IKMP Internet Key Management Protocol
IKOE Institut fuer Kommunikationsoekologie, Hamburg
IKT Informations- und Kommunikations-Technologie
IL Idle
IL Idle Listening
IL Intermediate Language
ILA Internet Learning Agent
ILDAInternational Laser Display Association
ILE Intel Labs Europe
ILEC Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier
ILETS International Law Enforcement Telecommunications Seminar
ILG Initiated Linux Guru
ILLAB Ich Liege Lachend Am Boden (Slang), vgl. ROTFL
ILLIAC Illinois Institute for Advanced Computing
ILLIAC Illinois Integrator + Automatic Computer
ILMInformation Lifecycle Management
ILM Independent Loading Mechanism
ILM Industrial Light + Magic, Inc. (G. Lucas)
ILMI Interim Local Management Interface
ILOC Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier
ILOC Integrated Lines Of Communication
ILOC Intermediate Language for Optimizing Compilers
ILP Inductive Logic Programming
ILP Integer Linear Programming
ILP Integer, Long, Pointer
ILS Integrated Logistic Support
ILT Item Level Tagging
ILVU Interleaved Video Unit
IM Information Management/Modeling
IM Instant Message/Messaging/Messenger
IM Intermodulation
IM IPv4 Multicast
IM3 Information Management Maturity Model (Sun)
IMA Integrity Management Architecture
IMA Interactive Multimedia Association
IMA Internationale Multimedia Akademie (Karlsruhe)
IMA Inverse Multiplexer for ATM
IMAC Isochronous MAC (FDDI)
IMACS International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
IMAO In My Arrogant Opinion (Slang)
IMAPInternet Message Access Protocol
IMAPInternet Messaging Access Protocol
IMBE Improved Multi-Band Excitation
IMCInternet Mail Connector (siehe Exchange)
IMC Internet Mail Consortium
IMCInitial Microcode Load
IMCC Information Management Coordinating Committee
IMCC Intermediate Code Compiler
IMCC Item Management Control Code
IMCO In My Considered Opinion (Slang)
IMDB In-Memory Data Base
IMDS Image Data Stream (IBM)
IME In My Experience (Slang)
IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identifier/Identity
IMG Image
IMG Information Management Group
IMHO In My Humble Opinion (Slang)
IMI I Mean It (Slang)
IMI Instance Metadata Identifier
IMI Internet MSS Interface
IMIMG ISDN Memorandum of Understanding Implementation Management Group
IMK Industrial Monitor Keyboard
IMK Institut fuer Medienkommunikation, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
IMMI Icelandic Modern Media Initiative
IMNSCO In My Not So Considered Opinion (Slang)
IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion (Slang)
IMO In My Opinion (Slang)
IMO International Maritime Organization
IMOBO In My Own Biased Opinion (Slang)
IMP Information/Interface Message Processor
IMP Instant Messaging Protocol
IMP Internet Messaging Program
IMPInterface Message Protocol
IMPA Intelligent Multi-Port Adaptor
IMPP Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol
IMPS Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite
IMQIntermediate Queuing Device
IMR Internet Monthly Report
IMSInformation Management System
IMS Integrated Media Service
IMS Intermediate Maintenance Standards
IMS Internet Mail Service
IMS IP Multimedia Subsystem
IMSI International Mobile Subscriber Identity
IMSL International Mathematical Subroutine Library (VNI)
IMSP Independent Manufacturers Support Program
IMSP Internet Message Support Protocol
IMT Information Managment Team
IMT Inter-Machine Trunk
IMT International Mobile Telecommunications
IMTC International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium
IMU Internal Measurement Unit
IMY I Miss You (Slang)
IMY Infrared Melody (IRDA)
IN Individual Network e. V.
IN Input
IN Intelligentes Netz (Telekom)
INIntelligent Network
INA Institut National de l'Audiovisuel
INAK Information Negative Acknowledgement
INAP Intelligent Network Application Part
INARP Inverse Address Resolution Protocol
INC In Chain
INC Increment
INC Internet Computer
INCA Interleaved Native Compiled Architecture
INDECT Intelligent Information System Supporting Observation, Searching and Detection for Security of Citizens in Urban Environment
INET International Networking Conference
INFN Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Italy
INH Intelligent Networking Hub
INIS International Nuclear Information System
INKA Individual Network Region Karlsruhe
INM Integrated Network Management
INMARSAT International Maritime Satellite Organization
INMS Integrated Network Management Services
INN International Network News
INOC Internet Network Operations Center
INPO In No Particular Order (Slang)
INRIA Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique, France
INS Input String
INS Instance Object
INSB Internet Services for the Blind
INT Interrupt, Internal, Integer, Interrogative
INTA International Trademark Association
INTA Interrupt Acknowledge
INTAP Interoperability Technology Association for Information Processing, Japan
IntelIntegrated Electronics
INTEL Intel Corporation (Integrated Electronics Corp.)
INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
INTELSATInternational Telecommunications Satellite Organization
InterNICInternet Network Information Center
INWG International/Internet Working Group
INWGInternational Network Working Group
IO Input/Output, I/O
IOAPIC Input Output Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
IOAT Input Output Acceleration Technology
IOC Initial Operational Capability
IOC Input Output Controller
IOCA Image Object Content Architecture
IOCS Input/Output Control System
IOCTL Input/Output Control
IOD Information Object Definition
IOD Intelligence On Demand
IODE Issue Of Data Ephemeris
IOE Input Output Engine
IOFEXT Input Output Far End Crosstalk
IOI Input Output Interconnect/Interface/Interrupt
IOI Integrated Operator Interface
IOI International Olympiad in Informatics
IOMMU Input Output Memory Management Unit
IONL Internal Organization of the Network Layer (OSI)
IOP Input Output Processor
IOP Internal Operation
IOPL Input/Output Priviledge Level
IOPS Input/Output Operations Per Second
IOR Indian Ocean Region
IOSInter-Network Operating System
IOS Input Output Subsystem
IOS International Organization for Standardization
IOSB (Fraunhofer-)Institut fuer Optronik, Systemtechnik und Bildauswertung, Karlsruhe
IOSB Input Output Service Block
IOSGA Input/Output Support Gate Array
IOT Inter-Office Trunk
IOTA Islands On The Air
IOTP Internet Open Trading Protocol
IOW In Other Words (Slang)
IPInternet Protocol
IP Image Processing
IP Information Provider
IP Instruction Pointer
IP Integer Programming
IP Intellectual Property
IP Intelligent Peripheral
IP Interactive Proof
IP International/Ingress Protection (code/rating)
IP Interrupt Process
IPA Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung
IPA Information technology Promotion Agency, Japan
IPA International Phonetic Alphabet
IPA Itanium Processor Architecture (Intel)
IPAE IP Address Encapsulation
IPARS International Passenger Airline Reservation System
IPAVS IP-Adressen-Verwaltungs-System
IPCInter-Process Communication oder Instructions per cycle
IPCInternet Proxy Cache
IPC Instructions Per Clock
IPC Integrated Passive Component
IPC Inter Personal Computer
IPCA Internet Parallel Computing Archive
IPCI Industrial PCI
IPCOP IPCop: Internet Packet Cop (Linux Firewall)
IPCP Internet Protocol Control Protocol
IPDS IBM/Intelligent Printer Data Stream
IPES Improved Proposed Encryption Standard
IPF Information Presentation Facility
IPFC Information Presentation Facility Compiler
IPFC Instructions Per Fetch Cycle
IPFC Internet Protocol over Fibre Channel
IPG In Plane Gate Transistor
IPG Inter Packet Gap
IPI Image Processing and Interchange
IPI Intelligent Peripheral Interface
IPI International Payment Instruction
IPID Intellectual Property and Innovation Directorate
IPID Interface Pointer Identifier
IPIP Internet Protocol within Internet Protocol
IPL Information Processing Language
IPL Initial Program Loader
IPL Interrupt Priority Level
IPLInitial Program Load
IPLS IP-Only LAN-Like Service
IPM Intelligent Power Mode/Module/MOS, Interpersonal Message
IPMI Intelligent Platform Management Interface
IPMIInternet Provider Multicast Initiative
IPMP Intellectual Property Management and Protection
IPMV95 Integrated Packet Trunk Module V.95 Interface
IPNInternet Protocol Number
IPNG Internet Protocol Next Generation (IPv6)
IPNGInternet Protocol - Next Generation
IPNS ISDN PBX Networking Specification
IPOC Interim Policy Oversight Committee
IPON Intelligent Passive Optical Network
IPPInternet Printing Protocol
IPP Intel Primitive Performance (Library)
IPP Internet Presence Provider
IPPDIntegrated Product and Process Development
IPPPISDN Point-to-Point Protocol
IPPV Impulse/Instant Pay Per View
IPR Intellectual Property Rights
IPRB Intellectual Property Review Board
IPSInstructions per Second
IPS Image Packaging System
IPS In Plane Switching (panel)
IPS inch per second
IPS Internet Privacy Standard
IPS Intrusion Prevention System
IPSE Integrated Project Support Environment
IPSecInternet Protocol Security
IPSEC Internet Protocol Security Protocol
IPSI (Fraunhofer-Institut fuer) Integrierte Publikations- und Informationssysteme
IPTIntel Identity Protection Technology
IPT Immersive Projection Technology
IPTC International Press Telecommunications Council
IPTO Information Processing Techniques/Technology Office
IPTV Internet Protocol Television
IPU Imposition Processing Unit
IPV4 Internet Protocol Version 4
IPV6 Internet Protocol Version 6 (= IPng)
IPVR Inst. fuer parallele und verteilte Hoechstleistungsrechner, Stuttgart
IPW Incremental Packet Writing
IPXInternetwork Packet Exchange
IPXCP Internetwork Packet Exchange Control Protocol
IQL Interactive Query Language
IQMS Integrated Quality Management System
IR Index of Refraction
IR Information Request/Retrieval
IR Infrared, Infrarot
IR Intermediate Representation
IR International Roaming
IR Internet Registry
IRAC Indpendent Review Advisory Committee
IRAF Image Reduction and Analysis Facility
IRAS I Really Am Sorry (Slang)
IRAW Idle Read After Write
IRB Instruction Recoder Buffer
IRB Instrumentation Request Broker
IRCInternet Relay Chat
IRC International Record Carrier
IRC International Reply Coupon
IRCInternet Relay Chat
IRCNET IRCnet: Internet Relay Chat Network
IRD Integrated Receiver Decoder (TV)
IRD Internet Resource Directory
IrDAInfrared Data Association
IRDS Information Resources Dictionary System
IRFInherited Rights Filter
IRG Implicit Regeneration
IRICE Integrated Remote Interface Control Element
IRIG Interrange Instrumentation Group
IRIS Infrastructure for Resilient Internet Systems
IRIS Instant Response Information Service (Toshiba)
IRIS Instructional Resources Information System
IRIS Integrated Raster Imaging System (SGI)
IRIS Integrated Research Information System
IRIS Intelligent Reference Information System
IRIS Internet Registry Information Service
IRIS Internet Research Information System
IRIS Interregional Information Society Initiative
IRL Inter Repeater Link
IRLIn Real Life
IRLED Infrared Light Emitting Diode
IRM Information Rights/Resource Management
IRQ Information/Interrupt Request
IRQInterrupt - Request Line
IRR Information Request Response
IRR Internet Routing Registry
IRS Incident Response System
IRS Information Retrieval System
IRS Interchange Record Separator
IRS Internal Revenue Service
IRS Intrusion Response System
IRSG Internet Research Steering Group
IRT Implementation Recommendation Team
IRT Institut fuer Rundfunktechnik, Muenchen
IRTFInternet Research Task Force
IRTOSI2O Real-Time Operating System
IRVInternationale Referenzversion (des IA5)
IRV International Reference Version
IS In Service
IS Information Separator/Sevices/System
IS Integrated Service
IS Intensity Stereo
IS Interactive Service (Telecommunication)
IS Intermediate System
IS International Standard (ISO)
IS Interrupt Status
ISA Informationssystem Studienwahl und Arbeitsmarkt, Duisburg/Essen
ISA Instruction Set Architecture
ISA Integrated Services Architecture
ISA Internet Security and Acceleration (Server)
ISAIndustry Standard Architecture
ISAInteractive Services Association
ISAKMP Internet Security Association Key Management Protocol
ISAM Index/Indexed Sequential Access Method
ISAPI Internet Server API
ISBD International Standard Bibliographic Description
ISBN International Standard Book Number
ISBT It's Strange But True (Slang)
ISC Instruction Set Computer
ISC Internet Service/Storm Center
ISC Internet Systems Consortium
ISCA International Symposium on Computer Architecture
ISCB Interessengemeinschaft sehgeschaedigter Computerbenutzer
iSCSIInternet SCSI
ISD Image Section Descriptor
ISD Instructional System Design
ISD International Standard Data Network
ISDB Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting (Japan)
ISDBC ISDB-C: Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting -- Cable
ISDBT ISDB-T: Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting -- Terrestrial
ISDN Isosorbitdinitrat
ISDN Ist sowas denn noetig? (Slang)
ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network
ISFET Ionensensitiver Feldeffekttransitor
ISFT Industrial Siemens Flatpanel Technology
ISH Information Superhighway
ISI Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California
ISI Information Society Index
ISI Institute for Scientific Information, USA
ISI Inter Symbol Interference
ISI Internally Specified Index
ISIN International Securities Identification Number
ISIS Industrial Signature Interoperability Specification
ISIS IS-IS: Intermediate System to Intermediate System Protocol (OSI)
ISISInternally Switched Interface System
ISISInvestigative Support Information System
ISL Imperceptible Structured Light
ISL Initial System Loader
ISL Interactive System Language
ISL Intersatellite Link
ISLICE I-SLICE: Intra Slice (Video)
ISM Industrial, Scientific, Medical (Applications)
ISMInternet Service Manager
ISMA Internet Streaming Media Alliance
ISMFInteractive Storage Management Facility
ISMP Internet Message Support Protocol
ISMS Information Security Management System
ISMSRD ISM SRD: Industrial, Science, Medical Short Range Devices
ISN Internet School/Shopping Networking
ISNS Internet Storage Naming Service
ISOInternationale Organisation für Normung
ISO International Standardization Organization
ISOInternational Standards Organization
ISO-CVariante von C
ISOC Internet Society
ISODE ISO Development Environment (OSI)
ISOTEC Integrated Software Technology
ISP Image Synthesis Processor
ISP International Standardized Profile
ISP Interrupt Stack Pointer
ISP Interrupt Status Port
ISPInternet Service Provider
ISPAInverted Socket Process Architecture
ISPB Information Systems Policy Board
ISPBX ISDN Private Branche Exchange
ISPF Interactive Structured Programming Facility (IBM)
ISPF/PDFInteractive System Productivity Fasility / Program Development Facility
ISPI Institut fuer Integrierte Publikationssysteme, Darmstadt
ISPLSI in-system-programmable LSI
ISPO Information Society Project Office
ISQIT Information Systems Quality Improvement Team
ISR Information Storage and Retrieval
ISR Intermediate Session Routing
ISR Interrupt Service Routine
ISRC International Standard Recording Code
ISRD iSRD: Infrared Smart Removal of Defects (SilverFast)
ISRN International Standard Recording Number
ISSA Information Systems Security Association
ISSCC International Solid State Circuits Conference
ISSEInternet Streaming SIMD Extensions
ISSE Information Security Solutions Europe
ISSI Individual Short Subscriber Identity
ISSN International Standard Serial Number
ISSO Information System Security Officer
ISSP Internet Satellite Service Provider
ISSP Inter-Switch Signalling Protocol
ISSS IBM Speech Server Services
ISST (Fraunhofer-)Institut fuer Software- und Systemtechnik
IST Information Society Technologies (Programme)
IST Internet Transaction Server
ISTF Internet Science and Technology Fair
ISTF Internet Societal Task Force
ISTM It Seems To Me (Slang)
ISTO Information Science and Technology Office
ISTPA International Security, Trust + Privacy Alliance
ISTR I Seem To Remember (Slang)
ISU Industry Solution Unit (IBM)
ISUG International SGML/XML Users' Group
ISUS Information Services and User Support (DFN)
ISV Independent Software Vendor
ISVR Intel Smart Video Recorder
ISWIM If you See What I Mean (Slang)
ISWL International Short Wave League
ISWYM I See What You Mean (Slang)
IT Impulse Tracker
ITInformation Technology
ITA Independent Televison Authoprity, USA
ITA Information Technology Agreement
ITA Intent To Adopt (Debian)
ITA Interface Test Adapter
ITA Interim Type Approval
ITA International Telegraph Alphabet (Baudot Code)
ITAA Information Technology Association of America
ITAC ISDN Terminal Adapter Circuit
ITAM Information Technology Asset Management
ITAN Indexed Transaction Number
ITB Information Technology Branch
ITB Intermediate Text Block
ITC Independent Television Commission
ITC IntelliCAD Technology Consortium
ITC International Telegraph Code
ITE Informationstechnische Einrichtung
ITE Internal Terminal Emulator
ITF Isochronous Transfer
ITG Informationstechnische Gesellschaft im VDE
ITG Informationstechnische Grundausbildung
ITHE International Travel Host Exchange
ITI Interactive Terminal Interface
ITIF Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
ITILIT Infrastructure Library
ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library
ITK Informationstechnik und Telekommunikation
ITLB Instruction TLB
ITM Internet Transaction Mix
ITO Indium Tin Oxide
ITO Intent To Orphan (Debian)
ITO Internal Technical Order
ITOT ISO Transport Service on top of TCP
ITP Intent To Package (Debian)
ITR Internet Talk Radio
ITRS International Roadmap for Semiconductors
ITS (NIST) Internet Time Service
ITS Incompatible Time-Sharing System
ITS Institute for Telecommunication Sciences, USA
ITS Intelligent Transport System
ITS Internal Text String
ITS International Telecommunications Society
ITS Internationalization Tag Set
ITSInternet Telephony Server
ITSEC Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria/Certification
ITSEM Information Technology Security Evaluation Manual
ITSK IT Sicherheitskriterien (Gruenbuch)
ITSM Information Technology Service Management
ITSO Information Technology Security Office, Indiana University
ITSP Internet Telephony Service Provider
ITSTC Information Technology Steering Committee
ITTInternational Telephone & Telegraph
ITT Internet, Television, Telephone
ITT Invitation To Transmit (Arcnet)
ITTAInformation Technology Trainig Association
ITUInternational Telecommunication Union (Internationale Fernmeldeunion)
ITUInternational Telecommunications Union
ITU Intelligent Thermal Update
ITUG International Telecommunications Users' Group
ITUP IBM Tivoli Unified Process
ITVInteractive Television
ITW In The Wild
ITX Intermediate Text Block
IU Integer Unit
IUG Informix User Group
IUK Information und Kommunikation
IUKDG Informations- und Kommunikationsdienste-Gesetz
IUMA Internet Underground Music Archive
IUPAP International Union of Pure and Applied Physics
IUR International User Requirements
IUS Interchange Unit Separator
IUTY It's Up To You (Slang)
IV Initialisation Vector
IV Instrumental Variables
IV Interessenverbund
IVB Individuelle Verkehrsbeeinflussung
IVBB Informationsverbund Bonn-Berlin
IVC Inter-Vehicle Communication
IVCA International Visual Communication Association
IVDLAN Integrated Voice and Data Local Area Network
IVHS Intelligent Vehicle Highway System
IVIS Interactive Video Information System
IVN Intervening Network
IVNM Interessenverband Neue Medien
IVOD Interactive Video On Demand
IVP Installation Verification Image
IVR Interactive Voice Recognition/Response
IVS IBM Verkabelungssystem
IVS Interactive Visualization System
IVT Interrupt Vector Table
IVTC Inverse Telecine
IVV Independent Verification and Validation
IVW Informationsgemeinschaft zur Feststellung der Verbreitung von Werbeertraegen
IW Information Warfare
IWBNI It Would Be Nice If (Slang)
IWF Impulswahlverfahren (Telefon)
IWF Internet Watch Foundation, UK
IWM Intelligent Workload Management (Novell)
IWMIntegrated Woz Machine
IWU Interworking Unit
IWV Impulswahlverfahren
IX Internet Exchange
IXA Internet Exchange Architecture
IXCInterExchange Carrier
IxDInteraction Design
IXF Integrated Exchange Format
IXFR Incremental Zone Transfer
IXI International X.25 Interconnect
IXMF iXMF: Interactive Extensible Music Format (MIDI)
IXP Internet Exchange Point
IYB In Your Basket (Slang)
IYSWIM If You See What I Mean (Slang)
IZMF Informationszentrum Mobilfunk e. V., Berlin
IZR Independent Zone Routing
IZRT Internal Zone Routing Table
IZT Incremental Zone Transfer
IZT Institut fuer Zukunftsstudien und Technologiebewertung

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