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G General, German, Global, Graphic, Ground, Group
G0 ACPI System State G0: Working
G1 ACPI System State G1: Sleeping
G11N Globalization
G2 ACPI System State G2: Soft Off
G2B Government To Business
G2C Government To Citizen
G2G Government To Government
G3 ACPI System State G3: Mechanical Off
G3 Group 3 (Fax)
G4 Group 4 (Fax)
GA Globus Alliance
GA Go Ahead (Slang)
GAAS Galliumarsenid (GaAs)
GAB Group Audio Bridging
GABELN Group Area Brett Echo Liste Netz
GABI General Application Binary Interface
GABICO Ganz billiger Computer
GAC Global Assembly Cache
GAC Government Advisory Committee (ICANN)
GACP Gateway Access Control Protocol
GAE German Application Environment
GAFIA Get Away From It All (Slang)
GAG Generic Algorithms for GIMP
GAIN German Advanced Integrated Network (IBM)
GAK Government Access to Keys
GALGeneric Array Logic
GAL Gate/Generic Array Logic
GAL Get A Life (Slang)
GALA Geschwindigkeitsabhaengige Lautstaerkeanhebung
GAMM Gesellschaft fuer Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
GAMS Generalized Algebraic Modelling System
GANGlobal Area Network
GAN Global/Galactic Area Network
GAP General/Generic Access Profile
GAP German Academic Publishers
GARP Generic Attribute Registration Protocol
GARP Genetic Algorithm of Rule-Set Production
GARP Group Address Resolution Protocol
GART Graphics Address Remapping Table
GART Graphics Aperture Relocation Table
GAS Gateway Access Server
GAS GNU Assembler
GAT Geek of All Trades (Slang)
GAT Generic Application Template
GAUDI Guideline Authoring and Dissemination
GAVDP Generic Audio Video Distribution Profile (Bluetooth)
GB Game Boy
GB General Band/Block
GB Group Buffer
GBA Game Boy Advance
GBA Generic Bootstrapping Architecture
GBA Graph Based Algorithm
GBB Generic Blackboard System
GBC Game Boy Camera/Color
GBC General Broadcasting Channel
GBC Gibraltar/Ghana Broadcasting Corporation
GBC Global Benchmarking Council
GBEAN GBean: Geronimo Bean (Java)
GBG Geschlossene Benutzergruppe (Btx, Datex-J)
GBICGigabit Interface Converter
GBIF Global Biodiversity Information Facility
GBJ Graph Based Backjumping
GBN Global Business Network
GbpsGigabits per second
GCGarbage Collection / Garbage-Collector oder Global Catalog
GC Game Computer
GC Global Catalogue
GC Grid Computing
GCA Graphic Communications Association, USA
GCAD Geographical Computer Aided Design System
GCCGNU Compiler Collection
GCC Generic Conference Control
GCC GNU C Compiler (gcc)
GCF Gatekeeper Confirmation
GCF Generic Connection Framework
GCFA GIAC Certified Forensics Analyst
GCI General Circuit Interface
GCL Golden Common LISP
GCN Global Challenge Network
GCO Games Convention Online
GCRGroup Coded Recording
GCR Gray Component Replacement
GCS Gauss Centre for Supercomputing
GCS Geek of Computer Science (Slang)
GCT Gate Controlled Thyristor
GDA Gesellschaft fuer Digitale Archivierungstechnik
GDA Global Data Area
GDA Global Directory Agent
GDB Genome Database
GDC Game Developers Conference
GDDM Graphics Data Display Manager
GDDRGraphics Double Data Rate
GDE Generic Decryption Engine
GDF Geographic Data Format
GDGGeneration Data Group
GDI Graphic Device Interface
GDL Game Description Language
GDLM GFS Distributed Lock Manager
GDM GNOME Display Manager
GDMO Guidelines for the Definition of Managed Objects (OSI)
GDN Government Data Network (UK)
GDOI Group Domain Of Interpretation
GDOS Graphics Device Operating System
GDP Generalized Drawing Primitive
GDPDU Grundsaetze zum Datenzugriff und zur Pruefbarkeit digitaler Unterlagen
GDPS Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex (IBM)
GDR Global Data Router
GDR Grinning, Ducking and Running (Slang)
GDRVVF Grinning, Ducking and Running Very, Very Fast (Slang)
GDS Global Directory Service
GDSGeneration Dataset
GDSN Global Data Storage/Synchronisation Network
GDT Global Descriptor Table
GDT Grand Dictionaire Terminologique
GDTRC Global Descriptor Table Register Cache
GE Geek of Engineering (Slang)
GE General Electric Company
GE Gigabit Ethernet
GE Graphic Escape
GEA Gigabit Ethernet Alliance
GEB Goedel, Escher, Bach
GEC Green Electronics Council
GECOS General Electric Comprehensive Operating System
GEDA GNU Electronic Design Automation
GEDCOM Genealogical Data Communications (format)
GEDIG German EDIF Interest Group
GEF Gain Equalization Filter
GEF Generalized Earliest-First (algorithm)
GEF Generic Extensibility Framework
GEF Graphical Editing Framwork
GEFECO Gebuehreneinzug der Fernmeldedienste mit Computer (Swisscom)
GEFECO GeFeCo: Germanium, Eisen, Cobalt (ferrimagnetic material)
GEGL Generic Graphics Library
GEHR Good European Health Record
GEIS General Electric Information Services
GEISGeneral Electric Information Systems
GEM Global Enterprise Management
GEM Globally Executable MHP
GEM Graphics Environment/Execution Manager
GEMA Gesellschaft fuer musikalische Auffuehrungsrechte
GEMS Global Enterprise Management of Storage
GEN Global European Network
GENA General Event Notification Architecture
GENI Global Environment for Network Innovations
GEO Geostationary Earth Orbit
GEOSAR Geostationary Search And Rescue
GEP Good Engineering Practice
GEPON Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network
GET Ground Elapsed Time
GEZ Gebuehreneinzugszentrale
GF Glasfaser
GFC General/Generic Flow Control
GFC Going For Coffee (Slang)
GFDL GNU Free Documentation License
GFG Ganz Freches Grinsen (Slang)
GFG Gift From God (Slang)
GFR Guaranteed Frame Rate
GFS Global/Google File System
GFSGlobal File System
GFSK Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying
GFY Go Find Yourself (Slang)
GFY Good For You (Slang)
GG Gadu-Gadu
GGF Global Grid Forum
GGI General/Generic Graphical/Graphics Interface
GGP Gateway to Gateway Protocol
GGPGateway-to-Gateway Protocol
GGS Guetegemeinschaft Software e. V., Koeln
GGSN Gateway GPRS Support Node
GHC Glasgow Haskell Compiler
GHF Grosshandels-Flatrate
GHN Get Hold Next
GHT Geographic Hash Table
GHU Get Hold Unique
GI Gesellschaft fuer Informatik e. V.
GIAC General Inquiry Access Code (Bluetooth)
GIAC Global Information Assurance Certification
GIBN Global Interoperability for Broadband Networks
GID Group Identifier
GIDGroup Identification, siehe Benutzer- und Rechteverwaltung unter Unix
GIF Graphics Interchange Format
GIFGraphical Interchange Format
GIFT GNU Image Finding Tool
GIG Global Information Grid
GIGO Garbage In, Garbage/Gospel Out (Slang)
GII Global Information Infrastructure
GIIS Grid Index Information Service
GILC Global Internet Liberty Campaign
GILS Government Information Locator Service
GILT Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, Translation
GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program
GIMPS Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search
GINAGraphical Identification and Authentication
GIOP General Inter-ORB Protocol
GIP Global Internet Project
GIP GPS/GSM Interworking Profile
GIPS Giga-Instructions Per Second
GISGeographic Information System
GISC Generic Intelligent System Controller
GIT GNU Interactive Tools
GITMM Government Information Technology Infrastructure Maangement Methodology
GIWIST Gee I Wish I'd Said That (Slang)
GIX Global Internet Exchange
GIZ Gemeinsames Internetzentrum, Berlin
GK Gatekeeper
GKMP Group Key Management Protocol
GKP Global Knowledge Partnership
GKP Group Key Packet
GKS Graphical Kernel System
GKV Geschaeftskundenvertrieb (Telekom)
GL Graphics Language
GLA Generalized Lloyd Algorithm
GLAM Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (Wikipedia)
GLASS Globally Accessible Services
GLBPGateway Load Balancing Protocol
GLDV Gesellschaft fuer Linguistische Datenverarbeitung
GLEGraphics Layout Engine
GLIN Global Legal Information Network
GLL Geographic Position - Latitude/Longitude (message)
GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System
GLP Government License Program
GLS Generalized Least Squares
GLSL OpenGL Shading Language
GLT Gebaeudeleittechnik
GLU General Logic Unit
GLUOpenGL Utility Library
GLUE Global User Environment
GLUTOpenGL Utility Toolkit
GLV Global Line Vectorization
GLX OpenGL Extension for the X Window System
GM Gamemaster
GM General MIDI (GM1, GM2, GM Lite)
GMC Global Motion Compensation
GMCH Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (Intel)
GMD Gesellschaft fuer Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung
GMDS Global Managed Data Services
GMDSS Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
GME Gesellschaft Mikroelektronik im VDE
GMF Global Media Forum
GMHS Global Message Handling System
GMII Gigabit Media Independent Interface
GML Generalized/Geographic Markup Language
GMLGeography Markup Language
GMM Gamut Map Model
GMM Generalized Method of Moments
GMMP Global Memory, Message Passing
GMO Gadolinium-molybdate
GMO Generic Managed Object
GMOS General Motors Operation System
GMP GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library
GMPLSGeneralized Multiprotocol Label Switching (Weiterentwicklung von MPLS)
GMR Giant Magneto Resistance/Resistive (Head)
GMRP GARP Multicast Registration Protocol
GMS Global Messaging Service (Novell)
GMSC Gateway Mobile Switching Centre
GMSK Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying (Modulation)
GMSV Global Memory, Shared Variables
GMT Generic Mapping Tools
GMT Greenwich Mean/Meridian Time
GMX Global Message Exchange
GN Group Ad-hoc Network Point
GNA Globewide Network Academy
GNATS GNATS's A Tracking System
GND Ground
GNF Greibach Normal Form
GNI Gesellschaft fuer Angewandte Neuroinformatik
GNI Grenoble Network Initiative
GNKSA Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval
GNN Global Network Navigator
GNOMEGNU Network Object Model Environment
GNS Global Name Service/Space
GNS Global Network Security/Services/Simulation/Solutions
GNS Global/GPS Navigation Satellite/System
GNS Grid Network Service
GNSO Generic Name Supporting Organization (ICANN)
GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System
GNUGNU's Not Unix (ein rekursives Akronym), siehe GNU-Projekt
GO Geek of Other
GOB Group Of Blocks
GOBS Grundsaetze ordnungsgemaesser DV-gestuetzter Buchfuehrungssysteme
GOC General Operators Certificate
GOCC Government Open Code Collaborative
GOD Global Out Dial
GOD GoD: Gaming on Demand
GOEP Generic Object Exchange Profile (Bluetooth)
GOESGeosynchronous Oribtal Earth Satellite
GOES Geostationary/Geosynchronous Operational/Orbiting Environmental Satellite(s)
GOK God Only Knows (Slang)
GOL Game Of Life
GOMS Goal, Operators, Methods, Selection
GOOSEGeneric Object Oriented Substation Events
GOP Group Of Pictures
GORM Grails Object Relational Mapping
GOS Global Overseas Service
GOS Grundsaetze ordnungsgemaesser Speicherbuchfuehrung
GOSIPGovernment Open Systems Interconnection Profile
GOSPL Generalized Open Source Programmable Logic
GOST Gosudarstvennyy Standart (EASC)
GOT Global Offset Table
GOUV Grizzled Old Unix Veteran (Slang)
GOV Government/ Internet-Domain: Behoerden in USA
GP Game Port
GP Gas Plasma
GP General Purpose
GP Green Pages
GP Green Phy
GPGuided Procedures
GPA GNU Privacy Assistant
GPA Ground Plane Antenna
GPC General Purpose Computer
GPFGeneral Protection Fault
GPF General Protection Failure
GPFS General Parallel File System (IBM)
GPGGNU Privacy Guard
GPGPU General Purpose Computation on Graphics Processing Unit
GPI General Purpose Interface
GPI Graphics Programming Interface
GPIB General Purpose Interface Bus
GPIM Gigabit Interface Module
GPIO General Purpose Input Output
GPLGNU General Public License
GPL General Public License (GNU)
GPL Graphics Programming Language
GPML Globally Protected Marks List
GPNV General Purpose Non-Volatile (Area)
GPON Gigabit(-capable) Passive Optical Network
GPP Generic Packetized Protocol
GPR Global Position Receiver
GPRSGeneral Packet Radio Service
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GPS General Problem Solver
GPS Generalized Processor Sharing
GPS Global Pizza Service
GPS Global Positioning Satellite
GPS Graphical Process Statistics
GPSR Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing
GPSS General Purpose Simulation System
GPT GUID Partition Table
GPUGraphics Processing Unit
GPU Graphic/Graphical Processing/Processor Unit
GPXGPS Exchange Format
GQL Graphical Query Language
GQM Goal, Question, Metric
GQOS Guaranteed Quality Of Service
GRA Group Random Access
GRACCE Grand Challenge Computational Environment
GRAM Globus Resource Allocation Manager
GRASP General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception
GRD Grinning, Running + Ducking (Slang)
GREGecko Runtime Environment oder Generic Routing Encapsulation Protocol
GRE Generic Router/Routing Encapsulation (CISCO)
GRE Graphics Engine
GREAT Graphical Environment And Desktop
GRED Generic Random Early Detection
GREP Global Regular Expression and Print
GRETL GNU Regression, Econometric and Timeseries Library
GRH Global Route Header
GRIB Gridded Binary (code, data format)
GRID Global Resource Identifier
GRIO Guaranteed Input Output Bandwidth
GRIS Grid Resource Information Service
GRJ Gatekeeper Reject
GRL Global Revocation List
GRO Generic Receive Offload (infrastructure)
GRP General Registration Protocol
GRPS General Radio Packet System
GRQ Gatekeeper Request
GRS Generic Record Syntax
GRSC Global Radio Standardization/Standards Collaboration
GRUBGrand Unified Bootloader
GS Geek of Science
GS Gepruefte Sicherheit (TUeV)
GS Global Store
GS Group Separator
GS1 Global Standards One
GSA Global Security Architecture
GSA Global Mobile Suppliers Association
GSC General System Characteristic
GSC General System Connect
GSC Global Standards Collaboration
GSC Global System Cache
GSC Gridlock System Computer
GSC Grooming Switch Card
GSC Group Switching Centre
GSE Graphical Setup Environment
GSF Ghostscript Font
GSFDL GNU Simpler Free Documentation License
GSH Geringe Schoepfungshoehe (Wikipedia)
GSI Generic Software Interface
GSI Grid Security Infrastructure
GSID Global Server Identifier
GSIF Gigasampler Interface (TASCAM)
GSIF Ground Station Information Frame (EOS, NASA)
GSL GNU Scientific Library
GSL Graphics Subroutine Library
GSLB Global Server Load Balancing
GSM Global Shared Memory
GSM Group Speciale Mobile
GSMGlobal System for Mobile Communications
GSM1800 GSM-1800: Global System for Mobile Communications 1800 MHz
GSM1900 GSM-1900: Global System for Mobile Communications 1900 MHz
GSM450 GSM-450: Global System for Mobile Communications 450 MHz
GSM850 GSM-850: Global System for Mobile Communications 850 MHz
GSM900 GSM-900: Global System for Mobile Communications 900 MHz
GSMA Global Scheduling Multiple Access
GSMP General/Generic/Global Switch Management Protocol
GSNW Gateway Services for Netware
GSO Generic Segmentation Offload
GSO Geosynchronous Orbit
GSOGeostationary Orbit
GSOC German Space Operations Center
GSP Generic Serial Port
GSP Generic Software Platform
GSP Gigabit Switch Platform (Cisco)
GSP Global/Grid Service Platform/Provider
GSP GNU Server Pages
GSP Google Sitemap Protocol
GSP Government Security Program (Microsoft)
GSP Graphics System Processor
GSP Groovy Server Pages
GSP The Geometer's Sketchpad (KCP Technologies)
GSPN Generalized Stochastic Petri Net
GSR Gigabit Switching Router
GSS Generic Security Services
GSS Group Support System
GSSAPI Generic Security Service Application Program Interface
GST Gebaeudesystemtechnik
GST Greedy String Tiling (Algorithm)
GST Greenwich Sidereal Time
GSTN General/Global Switched Telephone Network
GSUG German Smalltalk Users Group
GSX Graphics System Extension
GT Global Teach
GT Globus Toolkit
GT Group Technology
GTC Global Trust Center
GTE Geometry Transfer Engine
GTF General Timing Formula (VESA)
GTIN Global Trade Item Number
GTK Group Temporal Key
GTL Gunning Transceiver Logic
GTLD Generic Top Level Domain
GTO Gate Turn Off
GTP Go Text Protocol
GTPNetGlobal Trade Point Network
GTR Grafikfaehiger Taschenrechner
GTS Global Telecommunication System
GTS Global Time Server/Service
GTS GT/s: Gigatransfers per second
GTSC Global Technical/Technological Support Center/Centre
GTSC Global Telecommunications Standards Collaboration
GTT Global Title Translation
GTUBE Generic Test for Unsolicited Bulk Email
GU Gabelumschalter
GU Geek Undecided
GUD Grand Unified Debugger
GUIGraphical User Interface
GUIDGlobally Unique Identifier
GUL Groupe d'Utilisateurs de Linux
GULM Global Universal Lock Manager
GULM Grand Unified Lock Manager
GULP Graph Unification Logic Programming
GUMM Gurus of UNIX Meeting of Minds
GUN Gemeinschaft der UNIX-Anwender Niederrhein
GUP Generic Ultimate Protocol
GURN GNSS Upper Rhine Graben Network
GUS Ground Uplink System
GUS Guide to the Use of Standards (OSI)
GUUG German/Galactic Unix User Group
GV Gebaeudeverteiler
GV Gestattungsvertrag
GVBD Goetz-von-Berlichingen-Daemon (Internet)
GVH Gesamtverzeichnis deutschsprachiger Hochschulschriften
GVIF Gigabit Video Interface
GVM Grafik, Visualisierung, Mediadienste
GVN Global Value Numbering
GVPN Global Virtual Private Network
GVRP GARP VLAN Registration Protocol
GVT Global Virtual Time
GVU Gesellschaft zur Verfolgung von Urheberrechtsverletzungen
GVU Graphics Visualization and Usability
GVV Gewaehlte virtuelle Verbindung
GW Gateway
GW Gleichwelle
GW Grenzwelle
GWDG Gesellschaft fuer Wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung Goettingen
GWEN Ground Wave Emergency Network
GWIA Groupwise Internet Agent
GWIN Gigabyte Wissenschafts-Netz, G-WIN
GWK Gestaltung, Werbung, Kommunikation
GWL Gateway Link
GWM Generic Window Manager
GWT Google Web Toolkit
GYM Google, Yahoo, Microsoft
GZ Graphics Z-Buffer
GZS Gesellschaft fuer Zahlungssysteme

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